3 Weeks

To Get Launched and Profitable


In Monthly Revenue


Return On Ad Spend


6X ROAS Within 3 Weeks Of Launching

Paul Hilse, Founder of The Freedom Accelerator

Paul sells a YouTube automation program, and knew his offer would be wildly successful on YouTube. He came to us looking to take his business to the next level and achieve $1M+ months.

We crafted winning scripts for Paul, and edited his ads to perfection. Within 3 weeks of launch Paul was already at a 6X ROAS. In the coming months Paul even had a campaign hold an 18X ROAS for multiple weeks.

Today we're working on helping him toward his next milestone of $1M+ months.

Scale Their High-Ticket Offer


After scaling to $300,000 per month using organic methods, Paul Hilse knew he needed paid traffic to hit his next milestones. Paul came to us looking for a team that could take over their paid marketing efforts who were experts in YouTube, while giving him back time and attention to focus on the rest of his business.

Sales Aligned Marketing


PRVN Digital worked with Paul Hilse in 2022 and into 2023. We took our wholistic approach to getting him profitable while building sustainable systems to scale fast.

  • Conduct in-depth marketing and sales systems audit

  • Adapt offer and systems for cold traffic

  • Used our Rapid Results framework to test audiences and messaging

  • Identify winners and ramp spend profitably

  • Optimize their funnel and VSL to increase prospect throughput

  • Use Sales Aligned Marketing to make their sales and marketing work together

  • Aggressive scaling strategies for rapid growth

Thousands Of Leads Pouring In


Before working with PRVN Digital, Freedom Accelerator did not have a system that worked with paid traffic. Now, they not only have a system to close cold traffic into their high-ticket offer, they are highly profitable on the worlds 2nd largest search engine (YouTube), which has opened the floodgates of sales into their business.

Paul and his team are ready to scale to 7-figures per month and beyond.

Sustained 6X ROAS


After working with PRVN Digital, Paul was able to experience 6X ROAS in the first 3 weeks. As Paul's relationship with PRVN Digital has continued, he has even seen up to an 18X sustained return on specific campaigns, with an overall monthly average at or around 6X.

Freedom Accelerators is poised to 2X their business over the next .few months.

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