In sales generated


In additional monthly revenue


Return On Ad Spend


From $140k Per Month To $498K Per Month

The Zab Twins, Founders of The FBA Startup

When Arek and Brian hired us, they had already built a thriving business, and were looking to unlock paid traffic to reach $500k/mo and beyond.

After digging into their sales process, we quickly discovered their systems were optimized for warm traffic. After making a few simple tweaks to their funnel and sales process, we were able to 4X their call volume without changing their ad spend.

We quickly began getting 4X-6X ROAS, and worked with their team to scale profitably, ultimately llanding them at $498k/mo, effectively achieving the goal we set out to hit.

"If you're looking for somebody to help you grow on YouTube specifically, Nolan is your guy"


Scale Their High-Ticket Offer

After scaling to $150,000 per month using organic methods, brothers and co-founders Arek, and Brian knew it was time to venture into paid traffic to hit their goals. Since they knew their audience spent a lot of time on YouTube, they came to us looking for a team that could take over their paid marketing efforts, while giving them back time and attention to focus on the rest of their business.

"Nolan helped us turn on YouTube ads, and really perfect that system"

Sales Aligned Marketing


PRVN Digital began working with FBA Startup in 2021, and into 2023. We took our wholistic approach to getting them the best results in the shortest period of time.

  • Examine existing efforts to find opportunities for improvement

  • In-depth market and competitor research

  • Craft high-converting ad scripts to set their offer apart

  • Used our Rapid Results framework to test audiences and messaging

  • Identify winners and ramp spend profitably

  • Optimize their funnel to increase the throughput

  • Use Sales Aligned Marketing to make their sales and marketing work together

  • Aggressive scaling strategies for rapid growth

Thousands Of Calls Booked


Since working with PRVN Digital, FBA Startup now has a paid scaling system designed to convert cold traffic into their high-ticket offer. Now that their sales and marketing efforts are aligned, they are able to scale as quickly as their infrastructure can handle.

Client acquisition isn't a problem anymore.

"Nolan essentially set up our entire paid ads client acquisition system."

3X'd Their Business


After 13 months of using our rapid-scaling formula, we're proud to say FBA Startup has not only experienced a 3X growth in monthly revenue from $150,000 per month, to now over $498,000 per month, but they have now dialed in their paid traffic client acquisition system.

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